Sunday, August 12, 2007

back to business

well, this has been a fast summer so far! About half the team has upgraded to cat 3 in road and a handful of guys are now 3's on the track too! Congrats to all the freshly upgraded riders!

NY State Track championships were last weekend and just about everyone who raced got a medal! in my case, all i had to do was show up to the team sprint and take the silver! DC Racing co-hosted the event and it was a great success. Everyone got plenty of water and pasta salad on one of the hottest weekends of the year. Hopefully we can do many more of these next season.

Since State champs was also the nationals qualifier this means that a few of our riders are set to race at nationals. DC Racers to compete at the nations highest level? GOOD LUCK GUYS!!!

So only a few more races left this season, then we may all participate in some form of a social life again. Most of our Cat 3 guys are signed up for the Mengoni Grand Prix so hopefully there will be results even though it seems to be 'that part of the season'. I am sure most of the team will be excited to take a break but for me, with the shop slowing down a bit i will try my hand at cross racing. I cannot wait!!

So hopefully i will have time to update more often but who knows. I will probably be too busy training for The Bear Mtn. fall classic.

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