Wednesday, March 28, 2007

DC Racing Takes Team Lead at bethel!

In a fast race this sunday, Matt P. got 3rd with Jordan C. Coming in right behind at 4th.
Will V. gets the 'Spirit Award" fo coming in 14th with a broken index finger..

With the points racked up this week, DC Racing was pushed into 1st in the team competition and Jordan now remains 1 small point behind the series leader. Thanks to the efforts of the entire team, the Cat. 4 leader, Joe Straub, Was covered in every attempt he made to get away. With no chance of getting away he remained outside of point placement this week.

Looks like next sunday will be an interesting 4 race with the 2 leaders being so close. THe team will have its work cut out for itself keeping an eye on Joe Straub and the Winner of last weeks sprint who is now in 3rd...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Team Gear...

Thanks to our friends at RALEIGH BIKES ( Many of Team DC's riders will proudly be mounting these new steeds. 16.2lbs with a powertap!

Also, the good folks at Tifosi have supplied DC Racing with team eyewear! (

Now go buy a Raleigh and a pair of Tifosi!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Spills and Thrills!!! More Results...

2nd Week of racing...
Saturday 3/10/07
Branchbrook NJ.
4/5 race. Will and Sam BOTH crashed in a 20 man pileup 300 meters from the line...
Sam sprained his wrist and got x-rays, Will tore his jersey and ate coffee cakes...

3/4 race. Mike B. and Jordan Got away in a 4 man break. Matt and Tyler stayed and locked things down.
Mike got 2nd, Jordan got 4th. I think Tyler got top 10...

35+ race. Jordan, 2 breaks, 1 day.. Guy is a manimal! 5th Place (looked like 3rd to me).

Sunday 3/11/07
Bethel CT.
Cat 4 race. Attack! Black! Chase! Attack some more!
Jordan gets away with 4 laps to go, gets 2nd by inches from what i heard. Matt stayed away from the pack for quite a bit.
Matt got 9th, Will got 10th, Sam got 16, Jesse and Tricky B. got 18+19 but we are not sure who got which. Every DC rider in the top 20, Great Work!

Central Park NYC.
I heard that Mike, Tyler and Todd punished the pack.
Todd got 2nd! Current points leader! Tyler was 5th (?). Rad.

On a down Note, Eugene D. got hit by a car friday night but he is in good spirits with help of some Ultracodeine (probably spelled that wrong).

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Off To A Good Start!!!

The '07 racing season kicked off this past weekend. DC Racing has a strong showing in every race we were present:

Sat. March 3rd. Branchbrook NJ:
Jordan Copeland took 4th in the masters race after being in a break. Immediately after that he entered the 3/4 race and got 11th!

Sun. March 4th Bethel CT:
In his first Cat 5 race, Eugene Dougherty won the sprint to take 2nd for that race! To quote Jordan "I guess tri-athletes CAN sprint."

Speaking of Jordan C., in the Cat 4 race the man took off on the 2nd, Never to be seen again! The rest of the team worked excellent together, making sure that Jordan had a chance to et to the line withought being caught. A lot of hard work and a few pimes later and Jordan got 2nd, putting himself and DC Racing in 2nd for the series tittle so far.

Central Park, NYC:
Congrats to our newest team member Todd M. for getting 4th in the 3/4 race (even tough it did look like 3rd to everyone).

In the 5 race Karl Roesler threw a figurative roundhouse kick to the feild and came in 1st place!

All this in only the first week of the season.

(Photo:Tyler Matta, 2nd wheel in the CP 3/4 Race)