Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Just wanted to keep everyone hip. The team has been doing great at both Kissena and T-town with many wins and placements from Matt and Will and Jordan.

Karl has been busy winning every track race he enters as well as taking 1st in the Hartford Crit last month! THATS A BIG DEAL!!! Also he secured a spot among NYC's finest (no, not the police!) in the Empire State Games Qualifier..

Eugene D. Has decided that Shotput is more fun than cycling and can be seen throwing expensive equipment around FDR Park... He has also expressed interest in Ultimate Fighting Championships. Hopefully he will have time to continue his Tri and now track Dominance(yeah that has a capital D)!!!

Matt and Jordan have both Upgraded to Cat 3 on the road (Tyler too??) Things are going great! Todd, despite turning his knee into hamburger, has been doing great at Prospect Park...(sniffsniff) Do i smell another series victory??

New Member: Alex Graybeal. The Kid races for Columbia Colligiate (you bet i spelled that wrong!) And is a super nice guy. Hopefully he can get us some more placements in the Cat 4's now that we've had upgrades.

I will try to keep updates consistant but i am overwhelmed by work. Sorry to all the people and obligations i have neglected..