Friday, April 27, 2007

Spring is here...

With the weather getting really nice, 2 things have been happening.
a) Lots of training in preparation of upcoming events (bear, jimminy, Wed. night track series). Updates with results will come.
b) Lots of WORK! Less time to update team blogs. so here is a quick heads up on team results:

Battenkill-Roubaix: Todd 15th, Matt 15th.
Bethel: We lost the series due to bad weather and bad legs. Jordan got 2nd overall, Great Job!
NYC Spring Series: Todd is still in the lead.
Track: Will Got a 4th at T-town on the 14th of april and i think a 5th at Kissena the next weekend for the early spring races. Rad!

BTW, Are kits are here!!!

Monday, April 9, 2007


Yesterday after Ballan won at Flanders I was hardly able to contain myself. After hearing that Todd won the 3/4 race in Central Park today I am convinced that this day will go down in the history books as the greatest day of cycling in 2007.

Since Todd took 4th on sat. in Prospect Park and 1st on sun. I guess that means he wins the series???
Last week Matt got a very confusing 2nd at Branchbrook, NJ and Jordan got 6th at Bethel, CT. Next week at bethel should be especially brutal since Jordan is now down from the leader by 2 points and DC Racing looks to keep the lead in the team competition.

In cat 5 action Karl got 2nd and Eugene gt 6th Sat. At PP. I am not sure of any result on sunday but i can only guess that karl pulverized anyone in his path so i am gonna go ahead and say that he won the series for cat.5!

Next Saturday we have a squad of 7 guys going to race the infamous Battenkille-Roubaix Road Race. 16 miles of dirt roads, 28 miles of climbing.... Hmmmm... This should make Bethel that much more painful the next morning.
Hopefully we can sweep the podium Mapei style.

Battenkille-Roubaix Squad:
Dave Burrus
Michael Berk
Jordan Copeland
Sam Fiorino
Jesse Gutierrez
Todd M.
Matt Pascale

Sorry for the delay in post, i have been occupied with food poisoning.