Saturday, September 1, 2007

Congrats KARL!

Karl R. just got back from masters nationals and had quite a time. In his own words:

"Back from Master Nats. Went all right, I learned a lot, and competed
ok. I guess it can be said that I beat some strong competition and
lost to some as well.

Results: mentioned 4th.

Mechanical default on Points. Was in 3rd when I tore my crank of my

Sprints 4th. Greatest moment was a standing ovation for beating
McClain on cane creek clinchers. People loved it as I tried to tear
off my handle bars in a sprint with a photo finish to win 2 straight
from behind in the 1/4 finals to place.

Team Sprints 3rd. (Lacorte and I had a fun, tore it up on our second
effort and our third team member held it together for the second
fastest time)

In conclusion, there was some podium action for DC Racing. (Matt, I
have to share a quick story, while getting set for the kilo, I had
to listen to the officials give me shit for my sexy skin suit,
busting my ass while I'm trying to focus, whistling at me like I was
a piece of ass in a mini skirt, assholes I tell you. Literally cat
called me.)

Anyways, thanks for all of your support. I entered as a nobody and
everyone on the team took a chance on a bulky red head on a black
conversion fixed gear on a winter team ride...I hope I made you
guys proud this year. Its been great!

Tyler & Mike, thanks for making this year come together. You served
as coaches and mentors answering a thousand questions a week on
gearing, repairs, and such.

Sam, thanks for your efforts to keep my bike together, week by week
dealing with my inquiries and requests.

And were a great inspiration with all of your support. You
really gave me confidence as I grew as a rider, and your
personal words of wisdom meant very much. Your an outstanding
individual and it was a pleasure to have you there to support me.

My season is done boys. I don't think I have the necessary skill for
elite nationals this year, but Im getting there week by week.

I'm beat. A weekend of rest, and I hope to see everyone on Monday,
though I'm not sure I will race, nats was hard on the body.

Everyone have a great weekend.

I'm out for a cold one....ahhhhhh!"

Well Done Karl! Well Done!

Will Upgraded to 3 on the track in a very hard fought finale at the Kissena Wed. night series. Not only did he upgrade but he also won the b series for the year!

Jesse G. Has been riding like an animal and got his upgrade to cat 3 on the road, good luck Jesse!

Todd also got his cat 3 upgrade on track. Boy, not too many cat 4's left. i better do something about that!

Tyler has had some great results at the track and some crits. He is in Nicaragua for the Vuelta currently.

Eugene D. has been TEARING UP the local tri scene and has been putting the local "pro" tri guys to shame with class that is beyond compare! Good job guys!!!