Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Brand New Team For A Brand New Year!

Welcome, everyone, to a new season of the greatest sport on the planet! DC Racing Kicks off it's season At the Bethel Spring Series and The Branchbrook Series this coming weekend. With a tight squad that is read to go, the series should be a lot of fun. Our roster consists of a diverse bunch of folks. Some of them will step into roles as leaders quite naturally i am sure while others will be ready to do their duties.

2007 Roster:
Saverio Fiorino road4/track4
Tom Chuidina road4
Will Vallar road4/track4
Matt Pascale road4/track4
Mike Berk road4/track4
Jordan Copeland road4
Tyler Matta road4/track2
Dave Burrus road4
Eugene Dougherty road5
Jesse Gutierrez road4
Karl Roesler road5/track5
Tom Siano road4
Todd M??? road4/track4

There has been a lot of talk through out the team about the coming track season. After this long, harsh winter of being off the track, I for one am craving a little time on the track so when the racing begins in april (holy crap! Just 6 weeks away!) i won't be the squirreliest guy in the paceline. Also, i am sure, as with the early road races, that EVERYBODY is itching to see what they can do and to quote Matt "if all this training paid off".

Keep checking back for more re-posts, rider profiles, and race results. This whole blog thing is new to me so hopefully i can get it right or hand it off to another team member (hint,hint).